MI Young Writers Award 2023

Result Announcement

MI Young Writers Award 2023 (MIYWA) is an annual competition organized by Magazines International (Asia) Limited, one of Asia’s leading magazines subscription service providers. Running for the 5th year, this competition is supported by LiveABC Interactive English Group (the official licensee of CNN news element for CNN Interactive English magazines) as the co-organizer.

The competition’s key aim is to foster and recognize excellence in English writing by providing students with the opportunity to develop their expressive talents and creativity. This year, we invite secondary school students from Hong Kong and Macau to participate in this competition. 

Hong Kong & Macau

Two sections for entryTopics of WritingReference articles
Junior section
S.1 -S.3 (Year 7-9)
If you became a millionaire, how would you spend wisely for your financial future?
(word limit: 400-600 words)
Live magazine, February 2022 issue

Senior section
S.4-S.6 (Year 10-13)
Do you think mobile games are addictive and why?

(word limit: 600-1000words)
All+ magazine, June 2022 issue

Important Dates

1 October 2022 – 30 November 2022School registration deadline
1 December 2022 – 28 February 2023Entries submission period
20 March 2023 – 28 April 2023E-vote of The Most Creative Cover Award
31 May 2023Result Announcement


Awards by section : Junior section / Senior section

WinnerTrophy and Certificate
(Bookshop coupon HK$1,500 + Magazines coupon HK$1,000)
1st runner-upTrophy and Certificate
(Bookshop coupon HK$1,200 + Magazines coupon HK$800)
2nd runner-upTrophy and Certificate
(Bookshop coupon HK$1,000 + Magazines coupon HK$500)
3rd runner-upTrophy and Certificate
(Bookshop coupon HK$800 + Magazines coupon HK$400)
4th runner-upTrophy and Certificate
(Bookshop coupon HK$500 + Magazines coupon HK$400)
10 Outstanding Entries AwardsCertificate of Outstanding Entries
Bookshop coupon of HK$100
The Most Enthusiastic School AwardTrophy for the school with highest number of entries per section
Top 50 Merit AwardsCertificate of Top 50 Merit Awards
The Most Creative Cover Award (E-vote) Trophy and Certificate
(Bookshop coupon HK$800 + Magazines coupon HK$400)

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