Throughout the years, Magazines International has worked with a diverse range of local and multinational business partners on providing superior magazines subscription services and customized target marketing services. Our partner portfolio consists of businesses from across industries.
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Being highly committed to working with business partners who share the common goal of providing our customers with the best experience possible, we are selective in engaging with like-minded businesses to maintain the high standard of products and services we have been providing.
With our growing list of business partners, we enjoy a successful track record of developing long-term and mutual beneficial relationships with our partners in multiple projects. We continue to seek quality partners and strategic opportunities that can bring synergy to our businesses.

Services Scopes

Target Marketing

Corporates are constantly looking for ways to reach prospect clients in order to harvest new business opportunities and stay competitive in the business world. With the majority of our customers comprised by medium-to-high net-worth clients, we are aware that the MI base presents corporates with valuable business opportunities. We therefore provide target marketing services to better bridge the needs between our clients and our partners.

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Staff Program

We believe that good reading habit nurtures success. In order to help companies promote a reading culture within organization, we provide a staff program that can be tailor-made to suit each organization’s unique needs.
Our staff program provides up-to-date news to staff and promote self-learning in employees, serving as an cost-effective way to enhance human capital of a company. Our offer covers magazine catalogue including News, Business and Leisure Magazine titles, serving as an ideal package for executive reading, staff training and development program and pantry reading corner. We also provide special corporate staff offer for all staff.

Gift Incentive Program

Be it human resources initiatives or incentive marketing initiatives, our gift incentive program serves as a prestige and creative gift idea for customers and staffs. We offer magazines gift vouchers and subscription discounts that give receivers the freedom to choose from a wide range of magazine titles.
>Our gift coupon program is easy to manage and give. The redemption procedure is also simple and quick. Each voucher can redeem a renowned magazine from a diverse choices of titles, making it an ideal gift for reaching your goals and achieving quantifiable results, while presenting a professional and prestige image of the company to the receivers.

Our gift voucher program is perfect for:
Marketing Initiatives
  • Retaining and acquiring customers/subscribers
  • Offering loyalty rewards
  • Creating customer goodwill
  • Encouraging product trials
  • Encouraging participation in programs/events
  • Creating traffic at trade shows
Human Resources Initiatives
  • Rewarding new-hire referrals
  • Celebrating anniversaries
  • Rewarding major achievements
  • Encouraging participation in new initiative

Corporate Team

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