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Target Marketing

Corporate are constantly looking for ways to reach prospect clients in order to harvest new business opportunities and stay competitive in the business world. With the majority of our customers comprised by medium-to-high net-worth clients, we are aware that the MI base presents corporates with valuable business opportunities. We therefore provide target marketing services to better bridge the needs between our clients and our partners.

Target Marketing Solutions


Coverwrap is a creative and interactive brand building tool that provides corporates with direct access to their target customers. Due to the flexibility of the coverwrap content, a wide range of messages can be displayed, including but not limited to new image/product/ service launching and pre-campaign/ post-campaign message. Acting as an effective communication tool attached with some of the most respected publications, Coverwrap helps to present a professional corporate image. It serves as a perfect gift for potential clients as welcoming gift or for existing clients as loyalty reward.

  1. Client selects a target group to reach, such as existing VIPs or new prospects from own base or MI base.
  2. Customized message is designed to be showcased on coverwrap of renowned titles such as Forbes Asia.
  3. Based on client’s marketing schedule or special topics in the selected title, the coverwrap is delivered according to planned schedule
  4. Distribution is made to target group by door-to-door delivery, which fits into client’s personalized CRM program.

eDM and digital ads

Our eDM and digital ads services are popular tools that have been employed by various companies across industries for multiple uses:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Promotion
  • Pre-campaign invitation
  • Post-campaign follow up
  • Direct linkage to the corporate website or landing page, and more…

Printed ads insert

Our printed ads insert provides corporates with direct reach to their target audience.

Printed Ads insert – Target Segmentation

  • Business, English Learning, Science and more…
  • Family, Parents
  • Fashion, Health, Travel, Sports, Design and more…

With the large variety of selected magazine titles and the door-to-door delivery service of our magazines, our printed ads insert is an effective communication tool for customer acquisition and brand promotion.

Mag Digest ads Exposure

Magazines International has launched this e-Magazine, titled Mag Digest with the aim to provide readers with a quick and easy way to scan and skim the latest information in Traditional Chinese with contents extracted and digested from various popular magazines.

Mag Digest is also a channel for corporates to reach our readers and capture business opportunities. Our readers are some of the high profile readers of Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, Forbes Asia… Interactive ads through the use of QR code and direct linkage to corporate website can be blasted to our readers on a monthly basis. Corporates may also choose to promote their products and services through our advertorial. Written by our professional editorial team based on indepth interviews, our advertorials provide readers with deeper insights into the subjects raise their interest into the products and services covered, which makes Mag Digest ads an ideal tool for new client seeding.

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