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Business Traveller is the leading magazine for the frequent business traveller, with 12 editions worldwide — in the UK, US, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, China, France, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Africa, Russia and Poland. Business Traveller Magazine is the only publication written specifically for the frequent business traveller.

Launched in the UK in 1976, Business Traveller has become the leading magazine around the world for the frequent corporate traveller. A consumer publication, it is aimed at entertaining business travellers, saving them money and making their travelling life easier. Each edition is packed with editorial on the latest news about airlines, airports, hotels and car rental. Business Traveller is the definitive source of information for all senior traveling business people.

They review travel products, including the latest gadgets, technology and accessories designed to make the traveller’s life easier and more efficient. And we look at destinations — where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and how to behave, all delivered by our own writers and journalists around the world.
In addition, the many loyalty programmes are examined, deals and promotions are collected and feature stories cover a wide range of issues such as health, security, technology, golf, automotive, financial and buying property.

Lastly, they don’t forget that frequent corporate travellers are often the most frequent leisure travellers, so they examine where to escape on your next break and what to do if you are lucky enough to get time off when travelling on business.

With editorial staff based in their offices around the globe, Business Traveller is uniquely placed to ensure that each edition reflects the needs of their readers locally. They can also use this expertise to produced first-class editorial insights wherever they need to report.

一個滿意的商務旅遊,取決於事先萬全準備,把最新的訊息,用最簡捷的方法告訴您。Business Traveller有旅行資訊、內行導遊、休憩度假勝地報導、旅館折扣、機票價格、費用、天氣、購物指南、美食、文化……,提供旅遊和商務方面確實可靠的資訊、何處值得一遊,如何前往,費用如何,享受既愉快又帶點冒險的商務之旅。


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