BBC Earth

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BBC Earth (Asia Edition), bimonthly issues

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About Jul/Aug 2022 issues

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of the meat on our plates coming from vast stainless steel bioreactors, rather than farmed animals, seemed like science fiction. Now, lab grown meats are rapidly taking over the market. This, and more, in the Jul/Aug 2022 issue of BBC Earth.


A bimonthly publication containing a feast of information for the curious mind.
Every issue is packed with fascinating images, thought provoking and entertaining articles about the world around us, the natural life that populates it, the history that has shaped our existence it, and the science that has driven it and continues to propel us into the future.

An exciting title, combining the best of the BBC’s SCIENCE, HISTORY and NATURE content.

▪ Track Records – 10+ years in the Asia market, awards winning title, and well received among target readers
▪ Established – Strong BBC brand value and reputable for excellent factual programs
▪ Concept & Formula – Special interest in Science, Technology, History and Nature
▪ Content Driven – Packed with fascinating and informative features by experts and illustrated with quality photography
▪ TV Channel – BBC Global Channels and pay-channels in Asia for BBC Earth cable program

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