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1 Year, 5 Issues (Total 4 physical issues, including 1 double issue)

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iThink‘ is a teen educational magazine specially designed for readers between ages from 14 to 16 years old.

iThink symbolizes the magazine’s focus on critical thinking and we adopted the thematic model.
The content of this educational magazine for teens in Singapore is created bearing in mind the current MOE syllabus objectives and exam requirements, while maintaining the quality and concept of an interesting non-academic teen magazine. Its content also serve as useful teachers’ resources in Singapore.
TheiThink magazine is a most interesting read to boost the language and critical thinking skills of the upper- secondary students (and high-ability lower-secondary students). With an engaging mix of thought-provoking articles and lighter stimulating reads,iThink is the one-stop solution to making reading both a leisure and an intellectual pleasure to students.
Content in each issue is organised according to a theme, which could range from an issue on Music to that of Science & Technology, and Society & Culture. We provide an in-depth exploration of issues that relate to the theme, accompanied by thought-provoking questions, word banks and sources for further reading or viewing (YouTube video links). In each issue, you will also find regular articles on travel (Wanderlust) by our ever-wandering travel writer, a life story of at least one inspirational person (Inspire-Aspire), a discussion on common language errors (Ask GRAMMAr), student essays with comments by the editor (Model Me & Tweak Me) as well as recommended teen reads and movies (Teen Reads & Flicks) and a smattering of trivia, making for a more enriching reading experience. Student worksheets at the end of the magazine serve as a good workout for the students.
Any student who appreciates an engaging take on language education and critical thinking would love an issue of iThink.
iThink was nominated Best Educational Title in 2018 by Singapore Book Awards 2018.

• Be Engaged in stories and issues which teenagers face on a personal basis
• Develop critical thinking, reading and presenting skills
• Prepare well for higher level essays and comprehension exercises which are important in Secondary school syllabus
• Inspire the love of reading

iThink Magazines provide methods and strategies to master the below 6 essay formats that are tested in the O-Levels:

  1. Argumentative Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Expository Essay
  4. Hybrid Essay
  5. Narrative Essay
  6. Personal Recount Essay

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