BBC Earth “Do You Know”

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買Complete Set (Level 1-4),即送一盒 MI STEM Junior (Our Ocean)

每個Level 各5本

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BBC Earth “Do You Know” is a series of levelled non-fiction books featuring video content, project work and critical-thinking activities to motivate and engage young learners. Covering a range of STEM topics from nocturnal animals to climate change, Do You Know? takes an enquiry-based approach, developing children’s language, communication and investigation skills.

Recommended for children aged 5+, there are four levels progressing from CEFR level Pre-A1 to level A2. Each reader is accompanied by online video content, audio, video and comprehension activities, and suggestions for project work.

Level 1: CEFR Level Pre A1 (400 headwords)

Level 2: CEFR Level A1 (600 headwords)

Level 3: CEFR Level A1+ (800 headwords)

Level 4: CEFR Level A2 (1100 headwords)

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Complete Set (Level 1-4), Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4


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