Magazines Suspension

Suspension serivce is available for the following magazines and newspapers. 


Note: any new orders/ change of address request etc, received after 24 September will be effective earliest from issue date 10 Dec double issue for TIME and December 2018 for Fortune.

- Bloomberg Businessweek (Max. 90 days)
- Businessweek China
- The Economist (Max. 90 days)
- Yazhou Zhoukan 
- Forbes
- Reader's Digest (English/Chinese) (Max 180 days)
- Story Box/Adventure Box/Discovery Box
- Perspective
- Financial Times (Max 6 days)
- Wall Street Journal (Max 3 months)

To apply for suspension, please click here.  In the 'Your Message' field, please let us know which titles you wish to suspend and the suspension period.  Please also provide the telephone number you registered with so we can identify your account.

Please allow  4 weeks and 8 weeks for weekly and monthly magazines respectively for the suspension to take effect.  For Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, the suspension will take 4 working days to take effect.